Anonymous: This is gonna sound so stupid but what is a fuckboy? lol


fuckboy symptoms:

  • timothy over here askin’ for nudes when all u did was say hello
  • connor who won’t calm down with his axe spray tryna infect ya lungs
  • colin adding #420 to his bio when he smoked weed one time
  • gregory mad cause u didn’t blow him after the first date

how to spot a fuckboy:

  • white nike tube socks with his adidas sandals
  • he wants to play 20 questions (!!!!!!!!! do not play !!!!!!!!!!! especially if there’s a “;)” involved)
  • relies on his mom but doesn’t respect women
  • looks like he just read one of jaden smith’s tweets in all of his selfies
  • can’t find the clitoris

fuckboys come in all shapes and sizes and results may vary but when he a fuckboy…he a fuckboy…and u will know

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i crave her.
her mind
her touch
her scent
her sex
the lazy “i love you’s” before bed.
i crave that.

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She don’t want to be alone but she won’t let anyone new in.

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*types how I feel but then deletes because no*

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1. If you don’t like the way he kisses you, you won’t like the way he fucks you. Get up and leave.

2. If he won’t go down on you, but expects you to go down on him, laugh. Get up and leave.

3. If you don’t want to do something and he doesn’t respect that, slap him round the face. Get up and leave.

4. If he isn’t okay with the imperfections on your skin, if he says they turn him off, get up and leave.

5. If you don’t want to shave your legs and he thinks that’s disgusting and refuses to touch them, get up and leave.

6. If he doesn’t see your body as a masterpiece, as a complete work of art, get up and leave.

7. If he makes you feel uncomfortable about any part of your body, get up and leave.

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Audio Post

Dreams Money Can Buy by by Drake from with 35,995 plays
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iphone 6 finna have us in trouble

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delete the people that make you feel bad about yourself from your life, unfollow them, delete their numbers, erase their texts, find happier people, pet a dog, watch a silly movie, forget about them, you’re better off

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